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Lauw de Jager dejager@bulbargence.com
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 09:32:29 PDT
Dear Alberto and all,
It is difficult to understand why in Argentina this species flowers  in 
the summer and autumn and in a greenhouse (assuming higher temperatures) 
continuously from spring  till autumn. While here no matter what 
temperatures (and even in greenhouse conditions) the first flower buds 
always appear the 15th of November. There is no evidence here that it is 
the length of the growing season which is in cause. Sometimes I destroy 
the growth in June to have a smaller plant and this plant also flowers 
from mid november onwards. Maybe we are talking about a different strain 
or origin. (which makes me think of an earlier discussion on the 
flowering time of Gladiolus daleni)
   We grow the cuttings of D. imperialis in an open field without 
protection from wind. As they are fairly closely planted they have no 
problem  with wind. A 100 m long bed with 3-4 m high Dahlias makes quite 
an impressive sight .

Alberto Castillo wrote:
Dahlia imperialis is not a short day plant here. It is obviously a 
matter of temperatures as it flowers for a long period in summer and autumn.
When grown in greenhouses it starts flowering in spring and does not 
stop until late autumn. I find a great drawback in "tree" Dahlias and
it is that they can be torn to pieces by wind and it  is not always easy
to find a sheltered place for them in every garden.

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