Password Reminders

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 17:34:56 PDT
Dear All,

Two people have written me privately that they did not get a password 
reminder when they asked for one. You need a password to set your account 
to nomail, regular mail, digest, the language you want and a number of 
other choices. Arnold and I can not access your passwords although as 
moderators we can make changes for you. I asked for mine via our list 
information site and it was sent immediately so I'm not sure what the 
problem was for the others. I will write support, but in the meantime I 
have set the mail program so that everyone will get a reminder once a 
month. When the first one comes, I will remind everyone to make a note of 
their passwords and then change it back so we won't get monthly reminders. 
Once you get your reminder, if it isn't something you will remember you can 
change it to something you will.

Mary Sue
PBS List Administrator 

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