Calochortus luteus + cultivar 'Golden Orb'

Marguerite English
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 21:23:14 PDT
Mark:   These are native where I live and have been lovely for 2-3 weeks 
with some still coming.   They grow throughout the chaparral, and seem to 
tuck themselves into semi-shaded areas, although they will also grow in 
full sun.  They are really showy this year because of our lovely rainy 
season, and are about as tall as yours.  In dry years they are more sparse 
and a little shorter.
At 11:44 AM 6/29/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm surprised by the height, with large and brilliant yellow flowers on stems
>24"-30" tall (60-75 cm).  I grow bulbs that require summer dryness at the
>base of shrubs and small trees, which has proven to be a good solution for a
>number of bulbs, so I hope that this technique might deliver a long term 
>towards growing these beauties.

Marguerite English - Gardening with bulbs and perennials at 3500 feet in 
the mountains of southern California.   

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