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Mon, 30 Jun 2003 21:06:50 PDT
Hi PBS'rs,

I just created a PBS wiki page for the South African genus Tulbaghia at:


I started out by posting photos of two varieties; recent additions to my 
collection of these fascinatingly modest plants.  There are two photos of T. 
leucantha, with very small whitish blooms and protruding yellow coronas.  There are 
also two photos of a richly perfumed Tulbaghia species (aff. comminsii, or a 
hybrid of same), with palest of pastel pink flowers, flowering all of June and 
continuing without abatement in July.

Also coming into full flower, is Tulbaghia galpinii, perhaps the smallest of 
the genus.  The blooms are tiny, greenish-white in coloration, sometimes 
tinged ever so slightly pinkish, held on stems a mere 2-5" above filiform grassy 
foliage.  Despite their tiny size, the flowers are sweetly fragrant.  For those 
who admire small and inconspicuous bulbous plants, this is IT!.  Very easy to 
grow if kept frost-free.

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