L. pitkinense

Den Wilson valden@vectis52.freeserve.co.uk
Wed, 02 Jul 2003 10:43:31 PDT
Hello All,

I have a group of L. pitkinense raised from RHS Lily Group seed and planted
out around 10 years ago. They flower regularly every year without any
special treatment. The plants are very much smaller and more graceful than
L. pardalinum (2-3 ft) and a brighter, richer red, conforming pretty much to
Ken's description They do very well during a wet spring but do not appear to
require extra moisture after flowering when the soil here becomes very dry.
I believe that it was once reported that a pink form was seen at Pitkin
Marsh but I have never heard of it being in cultivation. At the time there
was much argument between the splitters and lumpers as to whether this was a
new species or merely a form of L. pardalinum; presumably the argument still
rages but to my eye it looks quite distinct. There was a report in the 1976
Lily Year Book of it being grown successfully in a garden pond. Mine are
about to flower so I'll try to get an image to the wiki.


Den Wilson
Isle of Wight
Zone 8 (maritime) almost frost-free.

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