Chlorogalum pomeridianum

Wed, 02 Jul 2003 12:53:33 PDT
John, this is my first message to the group, so I hope I'm doing it right. 
On my walks I see Chlorogalum blooming right now in Tilden park in the 
Berkeley hills, and they are odd, but pretty. The foliage is rather lush 
for a native plant, and a large specimen in the shade resembles a clump of 
daylilies, until the 4-6 foot wiry stems shoot up in the late spring. If 
you want one, I think I remember seeing them offered by Guy Wrinkle on his 

I bought a pot of what was supposed to be C. pomeridianum at a nursery in 
Berkeley a few years ago, and it grew in summer and went dormant in winter- 
just the opposite of the native ones. It also had a much shorter bloom stem.

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