Dwarf Alstroemeria--Topic of the week

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 02 Jul 2003 20:38:02 PDT
Dear Jane, Paul, and Mark,

I really enjoyed your introduction and all the lovely pictures of these 
species. The only one I grow is Alstroemeria hookeri. My friend Jana 
started a pot for me and I was amazed when it bloomed right away and has 
continued to bloom every year with a dry summer dormancy. But then Roy 
Sachs had a whole list of Alstroemeria he was able to flower from seed in 
less than a year. Last year I sent a whole lot of seed to the BX I 
collected at Jana's and brought home in a paper bag where it popped like 
popcorn over a long period. I was quite startled the first time it 
happened. I'd be curious to know how the people did with it who ordered it.

Alstroemeria hookeri was planted at Strybing Arboretum in San Francisco in 
a bed they planned to water year round. I haven't been back to see how they 
look with regular water. Do you get yours to bloom with the leaves still 
present? Even though I thought I was watering enough all the leaves died on 
mine before it started blooming.

Where does one get seed of these species from Chile? Is it only Watson and 
Flores? Jane will you be donating any of yours to the BX? I am sure you'd 
have a lot of takers.

I am also curious about Paul Tyerman's growing his the way he does and how 
having regular water makes them shorter. Do they really not burst out of 
the tub? And what size are the self watering tubs.

Finally Mark Mazer's picture was really nice too. Are these growing in your 

Mary Sue

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