Treasurer's new address
Sun, 20 Jul 2003 18:38:20 PDT
Jennifer, do not assume your mail will be forwarded, they forward very little 
nowadays and most ends up in never never land.  My last two moves have been 
awful mail wise.  Anything that comes with a preprinted barcode on it will NOT 
be forwarded, most everything else gets lost.  Sorry but another thing you 
just have to work extra hard on yourself.  If you have a good neighbor you can 
trust to watch the mail and help it is a good idea.  We have a rental on the 
back of our property and the mail service has been very bad about forwarding past 
tenants mail when they moved.  I did most of it, even calling the tenant when 
I thought something important showed up here.  We were good friends and she 
came back frequently to pick up mail and I just forwarded lots to her also.
They also will not forward magazines, bulletins, etc.
Good luck, hope it goes as smoothly as possible.
Carolyn in Los Gatos 

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