Chlorogalum pomeridianum

John Ingram
Sat, 21 Jun 2003 15:47:50 PDT
I found this listed (and a photo) on the Far West web
site that was referenced yesterday. 
Can someone give me more info? I think I saw one when
I went back looking for the Delphiniums for more
It looked like a green spider plant, which is what I
took it for. The area is often used as an illegal dump
and I just assumed it was the last remains of someones
The flower was aborted so I couldn't get a photo of
that and it was the only one in the area that I saw.
It was growing really close to the road and about 2'
from a HUGE tree in very sandy, DG soil. 
Could this be the above or just a spider lily? 

John Ingram in mostly gloomy but warm, L.A., CA. 
Not much blooming right now, just a few Crinums, a sinningia or two, and some fabulous Pelergoniums.

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