More info on my Delphinium finds

John Ingram
Sat, 21 Jun 2003 15:52:32 PDT
Can someone please confirm that the ones I
photographed are actually D. cardinale or are they one
of the other So Cal spp.? 
Also, apporx. how long does it take for seed to ripen?
I would lke to go back to get them but I don't want to
keep going back to check. I assume it would be July or
August at the earliest, am I correct?
If I can get enough seed (which I think is possible
from the amount of plants that I saw), I will send a
bunch to Dell for the BX. 

John Ingram in mostly gloomy but warm, L.A., CA. 
Not much blooming right now, just a few Crinums, a sinningia or two, and some fabulous Pelergoniums.

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