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Hi Liz,
	There probably will be some Calochortus venustus in flower 
around then in the bulb bed.  However, it is getting late,
and we 
don't have all that many to begin with - it being such a
genus to maintain alive in cultivation.
	I expect in the wild there may still be some too, of a
of species, but overall it is getting late and one would
search for them on North slopes and moist soils - or higher
	If your friend Fran does come here, she should also visit
Tilden Garden (East Bay Regional Parks Botanical Garden
They have more species in cultivation than we do, and may
have some 
in flower.  Their climate is a little hotter though, so
it'll be late 
there too.

>Hi Roger,
>I can't remember who has taken over the California section.
>Perhaps you can answer this person's question:
>Ý"Hi All:Ý I am planning to spend a day and a half at the
>BotanicÝÝÝÝÝÝ Garden, June 16, and hope I am not too late to
>see some
>the calochortus inÝÝ bloom there.Ý Anyone have information
>this?Ý Many thanks. " Fran
>If you know, I'll send the answer on.
>Liz Waterman

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