Brodiaea & Triteleia
Fri, 20 Jun 2003 10:25:51 PDT
Jane McGary wrote:

> I'll just mention there is a 
> stupendously large 
> Triteleia peduncularis flowering 
> in the bulb frame now.

Ooh, that sounds terrific.  I like these big lummox-sized "Trits".  Triteleia laxa 'Sierra Giant' has been in bloom over the last month.  It's past it's prime now, but still has more buds. The head is about 10" across (doing this from memory here, I'm at work) on a stem well over 2' tall, about 28-30". The flowers are medium lilac, and individually rather large adding to the imposing character. Triteleia laxa 'Humbolt Star' (both of these are Jim Robinett selections) blooms later, and is in bud now, eventually opening with large heads of deep blue (see image at the Trit page).  And a really fine form of Trit. bridgesii is beginning to bloom, with stunning heads of deep violet blue and a paler eye, the domed heads about 9" across.  There are pictures of these on the PBS Triteliea page, URL below...…

Jane, please grow some nice young little bulbs and offer them up in your autume bulb offering sometime!

Mark McDonough        
Pepperell, Massachusetts, United States  
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