Help!!! I'm moving.
Mon, 23 Jun 2003 17:17:30 PDT
Hi everyone,

Since Mary Sue will be out of town for the next week, we won't have her very 
lively comments and friendly prods to the rest of us to keep the messages 
flowing.  So I thought this would be a good time to usurp the list for my own 
selfish purposes!

I'm going to be moving in very early August to Nebraska.  I was hoping that you 
all might have some good moving tips.  Thank heavens a good number of bulbs are 
dormant now!  I was planning to pack dormant pots in a box with packing 
peanuts, but if anyone has a better idea, please, send it along!  As for the 
live plants... I'm open to any and all suggestions!  Peter and I (and our two 
cats and many fish) will make the drive in 3 days, but the movers will take 
anywhere from 4-8.  Any suggestions for helping my plants to survive the move?

Also, I'd love it if anyone had tips for growing in Nebraska (or similar 
zones).  I know that some of our members grow under lights.  I'm going to have 
to adopt that system, as I'll be renting a house for the first year.  Putting 
up a greenhouse is therefore out of the question.  I know that some of you grow 
under lights - can anyone recommend a good source for growing lights (think 
CHEAP!)?  Any tips for setting up a grow light system?  How do you determine 
how long to leave the lights on?  How close should the lights be to the 

I'm also wondering about growing bulbs in pots in NE.  I know that bulbs in 
pots get much colder than they would if grown in the ground.  Will I need to 
bring even my hardier bulbs indoors for winter?  

My plants and I would appreciate all the help we can get!

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