Help!!! I'm moving.

Mon, 23 Jun 2003 18:07:05 PDT

Nebraska?, I grow some bulbs under High Intensity Discharge lights. I 
had a stainless steel tray made about three by four feet with a 5 inch 
side.  I put a drain spout on one side of  the tray and placed a cork in 
it so I could drain the tray if that was necessary.  The light 
manufacturer will tell you how far the plants have to be from the 
lights.  I doesn't seem that the light is to expensive to run.  We 
purchased a new refrigerator at the time I purchased the light and the 
saving on the new refrigerator was about what the light used.  The 
larger the light (watts) the greater the growing area.  I use a metal 
halide bulb and there is also a sodium vapor one.   The colors are 
somewhat different and the manufacturer can educate you on that.

I keep the light on ten hours per day and water so that the water runs 
through the pots and two inches of the stainless steel tray are filled 
with gravel.  So it is a very big pebble tray. I have had narcissus 
romieuxii flower as well as various tender arums.  The arums were 
somewhat of  disaster due to the scent when the flower opened.


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