Favorite Bulb Combinations

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sun, 22 Jun 2003 08:26:36 PDT
Dear All,

The topic for this week was another one suggested by Rhoda McMaster. She 
suggested that everyone who was willing share what she called ideal bulb 
combinations, bulbs that can be grown together because they need the same 

A number of years ago Dirk Wallace talked about his community bulb pots and 
since then every year I have been putting all those bulbs that turn up in 
other pots that I am not sure what they are together in one big pot. This 
has turned out to be really fun for me and means I have bulbs blooming in 
those pots for a very long time as things come and go. They wouldn't make a 
display pot, but they give me pleasure. This year Ixia paniculata which is 
a late blooming Ixia that is cream was blooming with an early Triteleia 
laxa which is blue and I found that a pleasant combination.

Looking out over my collection of pots Triteleia laxa was blooming at the 
same time as Ornithogalum dubium (yellow form) and from afar it was quite 
pretty. Perhaps the larger version of T. laxa would work better if you 
tried them in the same pot and then you'd have to make O. dubium promise to 
come up that year. But actually if it didn't, the Triteleia would so maybe 
you'd be all right either way.

I hope you all will share your successful bulb combinations this week. If 
there are pictures of these they can be added to the wiki and maybe someone 
could make a page for them if we have a number of pictures.

Mary Sue
PBS Topic of the Week Coordinator

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