Bulbs for Medit gardens

Sue Haffner sueh@csufresno.edu
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 14:22:57 PST
Dear All,

I am redirecting this message from Sue Haffner. Sue is leaving town 
tomorrow and her computer is at work so she asked me to post this for her 
about what she is able to grow in her garden.

 From her introduction to the group about where she lives:
Clovis is in the central San Joaquin Valley of California, with very hot, 
arid summers and fairly mild, wet winters.

I am in no way an expert and my experiences may not be those of other 
growers in our area. I'm really still experimenting.

Bulbs that perform reliably: Amaryllis belladonna, other hybrid amaryllis, 
Chasmanthe, Watsonia, Sparaxis, Ixia, Velthemia (in part shade), Lachenalia 
(in pots).
Failures: Eremurus, Lachenalia (in the ground), Ranunculus, Tulips, Lilies.
what I want to try: Ferreria in the ground. Someone wrote that this was a 
thug in the ground, but that I would have to see to believe.

Most areas of my yard are scorching hot in summer and finding enough shade 
is a priority for my plants.

Sue Haffner
Clovis CA

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