IBSA Symposium on Cape Bulbs

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:04:18 PST
Dear All,

I was just looking for the reference to the IBSA Symposium in August 
(Monday 25 August to Friday  29 of August in the archives and see that 
archives for November and October are missing even though they got edited 
and sent to ibiblio (twice!) Since I promised myself to let them remain as 
they are and not attempt endless fixes anyone who is interested in this 
Symposium can email me privately and I'll send you the details. 
Participants gather on Sunday, hear speakers Monday and Tuesday and go out 
into the field to see plants Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Symposium 
ends Friday afternoon when the field work is over. The registration closes 
March 31 2003.

My latest IBSA news has announced the speakers and they are lining up many 
of THE local experts on South African plants. So far the speakers are to be 
Dee Snijman (Amaryllid writer of the Bulb Encyclopedia), John Rourke, Peter 
Knippels (Holland), Dave Lehlmiller (USA), Rod Saunders, Cameron McMaster 
(probably for Eastern Cape flora), Alison van der Merwe (Massonia/Polyxena 
probably) and Peter Craib. Rachel will sub for Peter if he isn't available 
and Robin Jangle is to be invited too.

Mary Sue

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