Bulbs for Mediterranean Gardens--TOW

Lauw de Jager dejager@bulbargence.com
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 01:51:39 PST
> Mary Sue asked,
> >I will report on my garden, but won't some others join in?
 Jane wrote: 
 it is very tempting to spend several hours a day just looking at
> them, but I have to get back to work!
Dear All,
 The following species are grown naturally in the ground and are
flowering now: 
Anemone coronaria*, blanda, fulgens, Chasmanthe bicolor*, floribunda
'Ducketii',  Cyclamen pseudibericum, coum, persicum, Crocus tommasianus,
vernus, dalmaticus, Ipheion 'Rolf Fiedler'*, 'Alberto Castillo, Froyle
mill, Charlotte Bishop (since early december!), Iris unguicularis,
lazica,  Oxalis obtusa*, versicolor, Nothoscordum dialistemon, Narcissus
tazetta italicus*, x medioluteus, bulbicodium, Moraea vegeta*,
bipartita, loubseri, comptonii, Romulea subfistulosa, tetragona,
diversiformis, grandiscapa*, flava, clusiana, columnea*,  Leucojum
aestivum*, Hesperantha cuculata*, vaginata, bachmanii*, Geisorhiza
inaequalis*, Gladiolus tristis*, splendens*, Tulipa praecox*, clusiana*, bakeri.
The species marked with a * spread  particularly well, some even tend
towards being invasive. One can understand that around midday I just
have leave the paperwork to go outside.
Lauw de Jager 
BULB'ARGENCE, 30300 Fourques, France
Site: http://www.bulbargence.com/
Région:  Provence/Camargue, Climat zone: 9a Mediterranean, dry
July-August, peak rainfall in autumn, minimum temps -3-7°C (28-21F)
Reference vegetation: Arbutus unedo, Olea europeaea,

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