bulbs in Med. climate

Lauw de Jager dejager@bulbargence.com
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 01:52:15 PST
Dear Shirley,
Thank you for sharing  this list of plants.  Some of them  are
unexpected in your type of  climate.:
Camassia quamash,  allium moly, Gladiolus x colvillei,, Tricyrtus hirta,
Galanthus nivalis, Tigridia pavoni, Schizostylis coccinea
 Do they  well naturally or  do you take particular  precaution such as
watering or heavy shade?

Lauw de Jager

Shirley Meneice a *crit :
>  For you who are interested in what grows in various Mediterranean
> climates, I live in Pebble Beach, California, less than 100 meters from
> the ocean on a slope facing sothwest toward the sea.  I am in Zone 9,
> probably Zone 10 except for exceptional winters which occur about once a
> decade.  I currently grow the following bulbs, listed in no particular
> order.  These are outdoors in the ground. Ferraria crispa, Babiana
> stricta and rubrocyanea, various Lilium, Habranthus tubispathus,
> Muscari, Chasmanthes floribunda, Ixia maculata, Lapeirosia laxa,
> Lachenalia mutabilis, Hippeastrum advenum, H. equestre, Hesperanthes,
> Hermodactylus tuberosus, Canna, Camassia quamash, Calochortus venustus,
> Moraea, Ipheion uniflora, Scilla peruviana, Homeria, Sisyrinchum
> californicum, S. angustifolium, Leucojum aestivum, Agapanthus
> orientalis, allium moly, Clivia miniata, Gladiolus x colvillei,
> Narcissus, Tricyrtus hirta, Galanthus nivallis, Tigridia pavonia,
> Zigadenus elegans, Zauschneria, Dracunculus vulgaris, Watsonia,
> Zepharanthes, Hymenocallis macrostephana, Triteleia ixiodes, Sparaxis,
> Cyclamen persicum, Schizostylis coccinea and Amaryllis belladonna and
> hybrids from The Doutt's.  I grow tulips but they are little better than
> annuals as far as bloom goes.  The foliage appears for a number of
> years, but no bloom.
> My soil has been amended for over twenty years with compost, clippings,
> leaves and pine needles.  The underlying soil is clay and partially
> decomposed granite.  It drains poorly, thus the years of amending it.
> Our rain generally falls from November to April 15 and averages 18" per
> year.  This rain year (July 1, 2002-July 1, 2003) we have had about 13"
> with not much more time to catch up.  The summers are dry.  We seldom
> see temperatures above 90 degrees F. in summer nor below 30 degrees F.
> in winter.  A prolonged "hot spell" is 3 days.  There is considerable
> fog in the summer with resultant cool temperatures in the 60's.

Lauw de Jager 
BULB'ARGENCE, 30300 Fourques, France
Site: http://www.bulbargence.com/

Région:  Provence/Camargue, Climat zone: 9a Mediterranean, dr y
July-August, peak rainfall in autumn, minimum temps -3-7°C (28-21F)
Reference vegetation: Arbutus unedo, Olea europeaea,

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