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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 07:28:05 PST
Dear Mark,

You did just fine with uploading your file and putting a link in the right 
place. I think it would be helpful with unknowns to have some idea of the 
size of the flower, when it blooms, etc. I have always been impressed that 
people are able to identify items without this information. I'd say however 
that it looks a bit like a Romulea to me. If it was with other seeds from 
Silverhill Seeds it could be Romulea tabularis which is blooming right now 
for me. I'd call it intermediate in size as Romuleas go. For me it has a 
blooming period of weeks rather than days and even though it is not as 
large as some of the Romuleas I grow I am very happy to have it.

I have had countless tiny Romuleas that were purple with yellow centers 
appear misidentified from seed exchanges. Many of them are not only tiny, 
but fleeting and bloom when it is not sunny here and therefore I mostly see 
the tiny bud and not the flower.

If Robin Attrill is looking, he is our Romulea expert, and he might have a 
better idea. Anyone else?

Mary Sue

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