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Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 07:45:17 PST
Dear All,

Over the years I have grown Kirstenbosch seed and ended up with adding a 
few things to my collection that I absolutely love. On the other hand the 
germination rate has been quite low and I have it from reliable sources 
that they choose to send out their oldest seed first. With Agapanthus that 
would mean that your chances weren't very good. In the last few years the 
number of seeds in a packet was reduced as well. Still I suppose if you 
have joined anyway you don't have much to lose. I don't think they provide 
a phyto so I didn't order any seed from them last year, but someone I know 
took a chance and said his seed came.

Far better to join IBSA. For $20 US you get a first rate Bulletin (yearly) 
written by Rachel Saunders with colored photos taken by Rod Saunders, a 
monthly bulb chat now edited by Alan Horstmann with tidbits of interesting 
information and a summary of their meetings with flowers displayed that 
makes you wish you could be there to see the flowers and hear the talks, 
and you can order seed once a year for an additional charge. Last year a 
couple of the things I wanted were sold out and later I got most of them 
after members were asked if they had any extra seed they could provide. You 
can charge your membership through Rachel and Silverhill Seeds. At their 
recent annual meeting they elected Rod Saunders as their new chairman and 
Rachel is treasurer. And they now have a new Secretary who has email 
(hooray), Chris Schultz. They are doing what they can to accommodate and 
encourage foreign membership.

If you are a fan of South African bulbs this is the group for you. At least 
that is what I think.

Mary Sue

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