Arisaema tubers with friend

Robin L. Hansen
Sun, 16 Mar 2003 19:10:02 PST
Wow, I thought I'd seen root mealy bug infestations, but this is something
else!  I use a soil drench of Safer's Soap with neem oil at regular strength
or what's best is if these are potted plants, repot and dip the plant in the
above solution for 30 seconds.  The contaminated soil goes in the garbage
can only.  Never dump contaminated soil having these kinds of critters in
your compost.  I only have the problem in potted stock occasionally, but you
do have to stay on top of the critters.

I would very much like to hear other remedies especially if this is in one's
garden soil.

Robin Hansen
Zone 9, SW coast of Oregon
"Lily bulb country"
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