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Paul Tyerman
Sun, 16 Mar 2003 20:02:28 PST
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>       They are. Most useful images, most useful. Here  they are distributed 
>by fire ants (the ones that are a pest in the States). Another reason to 


Unfortunately the Fire Ants are becoming a pest here in Australia as well.
They have got past quarantine probably in the hold of a ship docking in
Southern Queensland, and there have been numerous nests found.  They are
trying to eradicate them now before they get too far out of control, but it
will be a difficult task.

Another pest any is the Yellow Crazy Ant which has wiped out huge lumps of
the populations of the indigenous red crabs on Christmas Island by forming
massive super-colonies on areas of the island and killing everything that
comes into their territory.  Thankfully they have been brought down in
numbers drastically in the last year or so and there are hopes to eradicate
them there entirely.  Recently there were around 50 nests discovered in
Northern Australia which has caused a stir.  They'll try to eradicate them
as quickly as possible to prevent them doing to Kakadu National Park what
they did to areas of Christmas Island.

I guess the fact they spread bugs around as well is another good reason to
get rid of them here <grin>.


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