Scilla natalensis

Russell Stafford, Odyssey Bulbs
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 07:44:21 PST
A few comments from someone growing S. natalensis in containers 
(6-inch-deep plastic pots and a porous commercial mix) in the frozen 
North.  For me, it is definitely a summer-grower (it spends the summer 
outside in three-quarters sun), its leaves yellowing in late summer/early 
fall.  My difficulty with it has been in getting it through winter.  My 
practice has been to store it dry in its pots at cool (35 to 50 F) 
temperatures, but always the bulbs seem to get too dry, and to have a bit 
of a struggle getting going in spring and putting on size in summer, and 
they have yet to flower (I've had them for several years).  I've resolved 
to give them a spritz or two of water next winter to see whether that 
regime makes them happier.

Berrien Springs, Michigan, USDA zone 6

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