Scilla natalensis

J.E. Shields
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 08:47:13 PST
I've gradually moved my bulbs from Bill Dijk's seed distribution (in late 
1997 or Jan 1998) up into 8 inch clay azalea (3/4 height) pots.  One or two 
are in 10-inch clay azalea pots.  They are in the cool greenhouse in 
winter, bone-dry.  They sit out in full sun in summer, and spontaneously 
yellow off their leaves in late summer whether watered or not.  I have had 
the same situation Russell describes: they are hard to get started again in 
spring, and they have not bloomed yet.

I have them growing on the surface of a gritty mix.  I'll have to try a 
little moisture occasionally next winter.  The bulbs themselves are still 
very small compared to those I saw at Kirstenbosch a few years ago.

I suspect that their pots are still too small, and I'll move a couple from 
their 8-inch azalea pots into 2.5 gallon standard plastic pots.

Jim Shields

At 07:44 AM 3/28/03 -0800, you wrote:
>Russell Stafford, Odyssey BulbsDoug Westfall odysseybulbs@earthlink.net1111
>Claiborne Dr. Long Beach, CA
>   I've resolved
> > to give them a spritz or two of water next winter to see whether that
> > regime makes them happier.
> >
> > Russell,
>A LITTLE water in the winter should be a benefit. Here in So. CA., they sit
>out in the rain, limited though it may be.  Your winters may be a little
>colder, but that may not be a factor.  Don't let them get "soggy" wet.
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