James Waddick
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 12:38:53 PST
Dear all;
	There isn't much discussion of Chinodoxa, but they are a 
force in the garden these days. A mix of C. lucillae and C. gigantea 
show quite a bit of variation suggesting these are seed grown. Most 
are clear blue, some have white centers. A few are mostly white with 
blue tips and even fewer are near lilac.

	I have a few hundred grown in the lawn and they are quite striking.
	Smaller (yard wide) clumps of Pink Giant suddenly burst into 
'pinkness' and now have faded to near white. Definitely larger and 
more vigorous.

	The various 'alba' all seem weaker and none have the garden presence.

	I understand there is also a 'Blue Giant'.

	Definitely need many more. I recall some reports of C 
sardensis (sp?) as very reliable too. Need a good source.

	Any others enjoying these right now? Coments?

		Jim W.

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