Scilla natalense

John Ingram
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 08:23:03 PST
I have seedlings from the last distribution that was
offered in the BX, maybe '01? I have maybe 18-20 2"
pots with little bulbs. The largest is maybe 1/2 the
size of a clementine?? With the rest on down to a huge
pea size. 
They went dormant briefly (2-3 weeks) this winter and
have been sprouting for some time. They haven't
completely leafed out yet but they do dry out almost
completely between my waterings. They are placed in
full sun on a concrete slab at the beach in Venice. It
is about the hottest, brightest spot I have. They were
placed here a few months ago after everyones posts
about a hot dry winter rest. They must not have wanted
one as they quickly resprouted. 
I'm sure I don't have the to age yet to flower but, I
will be increasing fertilizer on everything this year
to help everything along.
Mary Sue, if you would like a few of them to try
outside as experiments, let me know. 
They are growing on top of the soil with only the
basal plant buried. 
One interesting thing that I love about them is that
the water drops collect in the rosette of unfolded
leaves and look like little pearls. They hold the
water like a mini bromeliad. Rather appealing.

John Ingram…

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