Amorph odor

James Waddick
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 06:12:18 PST
Dear all;
	The odor of Amorppophallus various widely from species to 
species being variously described as 'sweet'and 'fruity' to 
'disgusting'. More important the smell varies from person to person. 
Helicodiceros a Mediterranean aroid relative is commonly called the 
'Dead Horse arum" both from the look of the inflorescence and the 
major odor. Last summer mine bloomed and I found it only mildly 
offensive, but all others who cam even vaguely close were very 
grossed out.

	Time of day and phase of bloom also vary so that stinky 
Dracunculus one day is odorless the next.

	There were many recent reports of the Giant Arum (Amorph. 
titanum) blooming in greenhouses across the US and world wide. Every 
report that I read said that the smell ranged from none to mild to 
staggering. Huntington Gardens had a bloom last year (I think). 
There's two about to bloom in the Fairchild Tropical Gardens 

	And finally real amorph nuts should look in on Aroid-L a 
group devoted to these and other aroids. I recognize the names of 
most correspondents from this list. And I'm not an Amorph nut (have 
less than a dozen) but Arum now that's another story. They are coming 
up strong right now and surprised to see how hardy some have proven 
this winter- A hygrophyllum, A rupicola, A byzantinum as well as the 
usual nigrum , orientale, various italicum, maulatum etc.
	If you want to join Aroid-L drop me a note.

		Jim W.
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