Scilla natalensis

Greg Pettit
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 05:21:09 PST
Dear Lauw,

Greetings, I presume that the Scilla that will not flower came from me?  I
have been sending up to 10,000 pa to Asia for the past 9 years to Japan and
they get good flowering.  Those I hold
back to try to grow in Durban do NOT flower.  This is because the climate is
too warm.  They need a cold winter with almost no rain and in early spring
they come into flower.

Try keeping them cold.  In the wild they are half exposed above the ground
and are subjected to heavy frost and those growing at Olieviershoek Pass get
covered in snow about once every year.

There are some growing on the north Zululand coast but these do not flower
at all well (if at all?).  Those I can see on the cliffs at Kranskop
(elevation 1400m) are a very dark blue.  They get a little frost but because
they are exposed (on the side of the cliff-face), they get very cold in the

Try not to be so "kind" to them, they are tougher than you think!.

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