Late introduction

Elizabeth Waterman
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 21:28:10 PST
Hi all,

I'm Elizabeth and mostly am known as Liz.  I live in
Oakland, California across the bay from San Francisco, a few

blocks south of Berkeley, in a very small house on a  narrow

deep rather shaded lot.   Passifloras are taking over (with
my blessings) they're lots better than the ivy and
blackberries that were there before me. There are oodles of
different plants in pots including bulbs.  I have many
rescued  leftovers, some edibles and too many trees for a
city lot. Mostly it's a one of a kind garden, no room for
anything else but I just can't resist a new plant.  Right
now, I'm going through a periodic revamping and getting rid
of some plants to make room for others.
I'm retired , and now work as a volunteer at UC Botanical
Garden in the shop and at the "Sick Plant Clinic."  That's
where I find all these irresistable plants.  I also
volunteer at the little known Oakland (Lake Merritt) Botanic

garden where now I mostly just propagate plants.  It was
doing this that got me interested in having a few
carnivorous plants to control the fungus gnats.
I'm an eclectic (perhaps somewhat fickle) gardener, growing
whatever I fancy at the moment but there are always at least

a  few Passifloras, some  Salvias and Penstemons and oodles
of little bulbs.  I'm a member of the California Rare Fruit
Growers (CRFG) and the California Horticultural Society.
Ceramics is another hobby.  I used to throw pots but
arthritus put an end to that and now I just handbuild a
little.   More pots mostly.
Liz Waterman

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