More mystery bulbs

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 13:18:08 PST
Dear All,

I have added two more pictures of bulbs to identify to the Mystery bulb page.…

One is a Ferraria that Doug Westfall was asking about on an image list. I 
promised to look through one of my keys for him, but haven't done it so if 
anyone thinks it looks familiar speak up.

The second picture is one of a Moraea growing in Jana Ulmer's garden that 
bloomed late spring early summer last year. She claims that I gave it to 
her which could be, but I have never seen one of these blooming in my 
garden.  She saved seed for me and I have some healthy seedlings of my own 
now. So we are both eager to know what it is. We wondered about the 
Gynandriris group since we don't have pictures of all of them. I looked 
through page by page of the Goldblatt Moraea book. Moraea debilis was 
possible but the drawing didn't show the spots. Jana has given us 
dimensions in her picture which is a good idea. She may have to come out or 
lurkdom to give more information. Lauw? Anyone?

Thanks in advance.

Mary Sue

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