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J.E. Shields
Wed, 19 Mar 2003 06:53:03 PST
OK, Robin,

Now where do we subscribe to The Plantsman?  Who publishes it, etc.?

Jim Shields
in central Indiana (USA)

At 10:43 PM 3/18/03 +0000, Robin wrote:
>Dear all,
>Three recent publications that contain some useful articles......
>The March 2003 AGS bulletin contains a very interesting article on
>Reticulata Iris hybrids with the emphasis on I. danfordiae x I. sophenensis.
>The same issue contins a useful article on pests, particularly Vine Weevil
>and Lily Beetle, and contains details of a host of excellent plants,
>including many bulbs/corms, that featured at AGS shows during 2002.
>The March 2003 issue of The Plantsman contains an excellent article on
>Fritillaria imperialis and its cultivars, an article on Tien Shan bulbs, and
>descriptions of new Fritillaria and Ornithogalum taxa. Subscription is
>Finally, a recent Kew monograph by W T Stearn on The Genus Epimedium (ISBN 1
>84246 039 0) also includes illustrated accounts of related geophytic
>berberidaceae, including Podophyllum, Bongardia, Gymnospermium and Leontice.
>A fine book that deserves a wide audience.
>Robin Attrill

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