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Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 19 Mar 2003 08:20:09 PST
Dear All,

Mark and I think it would be very helpful to people who are using our wiki 
to know something about the people who are contributing to it. If the 
photographs are awesome, people might appreciate knowing what kind of 
camera has been used. If a plant is pictured that someone is growing it 
would be helpful to know something about the garden it is growing in. So we 
are wanting to create a wiki page for each contributor who is willing to 
let us do it. I have started by creating a contributors page:…

On it I have placed names of people I remember who have contributed 
pictures or information. I could have very well left someone out and please 
add your name if I have missed you. We are willing to create a page for 
each person mentioned if you will send us the information you want 
included. It can be simple or elaborate. I would think you could even add a 
picture of yourself if you wanted. I liked seeing pictures of people on the 
Clivia group website. You can also create your own page. Rob Hamilton and 
Kelly Irwin created theirs. Once you have created a page you will no longer 
have to write about where the plant is growing each time your name is 
mentioned so it will save text and time. You will need to link to your page 
each additional time you type your name. You do this by typing your name 
however it was typed to create your page. So if you created your page by 
running your name together (eg. KellyIrvin) each time you add something be 
sure you type your name the same way (eg. KellyIrvin). Once it is saved 
there will be spaces between the first and last words. If you created your 
page with brackets [Rob Hamilton] you will need to bracket your name each 
new time to link to your page. By using the back links for any wiki page of 
one of our contributors you can see all the pages that are linked to that 
name. Mark McDonough is the king at this point to use Alberto's title.

Please be sure to add your name to the contributors list the first time you 
add something to the wiki. And if some of you are surprised to see your 
name appearing in the future it could be that I will be extracting 
information you have provided to the list and adding it to the wiki.

Mary Sue
PBS List Administrator

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