Favorite Seed & Bulb Sources

diana chapman rarebulbs@earthlink.net
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 19:04:51 PST
Dear All:

I will limit myself to two or three:

First:  THE GOOD

Ron Ratko's Northwest Native Seed, 17595 Vierra Canyon Rd. #172, Prunedale,
CA 93907.  This must be the most extensive list ever offered of wild
gathered seed of plants native to the western USA.  There are many
offerings of bulbous plants, and Ron's knowledge is extremely accurate and
reliable, and his descriptions are excellent.  He keeps seed for three
years at the most, and the collections are dated, so you know if you are
buying old or fresh seed.  I have never had a mis-named species.  Very
highly recommended.

Silverhill Seeds, South Africa (sorry I don't have the address handy)
The seed offered by Silverhill of bulbous plants native to southern Africa
is absolutely amazing.  Silverhill is one of the few overseas seed
companies that will go to the trouble of getting a phyto to ship seed
overseas - now absolutely necessary to bring seed into the USA.  The
quality is excellent, and descriptions are good.  Prices are very good.

John and Anita Watson, Chile  (again I don't have the address handy) 
There are few sources of seed in South America, and the list issued by the
Watsons is absolutely superb.  Many species are unobtainable elsewhere. 
The Watsons collect from Chile to Patagonia and sometimes into southern
Argentina.  The seed is fresh.

All of the above are extremely reliable.  Without them my collection would
be a mere shadow of what it is.  I apologize for not having the addresses,
and hope someone else can provide them.  My notes and old seed lists are
packed away.


I agree with Alberto that it might be too inflammatory to list nurseries
that I have received mis-named or diseased material from.  Unfortunately,
early in my bulb collecting career it was a frequent problem until I
learned whom to avoid.  Usually the problems have been with virused bulbs,
and these days I buy very few bulbs from commercial enterprises, preferring
to play it safe and grow as many species as possible from seed.  I learned
the hard way!  If anyone wishes to contact me privately, I will fill them

Telos Rare Bulbs 

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