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Antennaria@aol.com Antennaria@aol.com
Sat, 15 Mar 2003 19:52:49 PST
Dear PBS'rs,

I finished linking all of the Allium photos I uploaded to the PBS wiki. 
Including those Allium photos uploaded by others, there are now 171 Allium 
pix to look at!  Most have important descriptive info, and can be found under 
the allium "sub-pages" located at:


The Arisaema page has been updated with two remarkable species; one is a 
Korean form of A. ringens with a striking black ring in the center of the 
fist-like flower, and the second depicts A. taiwanensis.  The images are 
located at:


I created a Nothoscordum page, moved the single existing link to Nothoscordum 
felipponei into it, then added a new link to the delightful N. montevidense.  
To view these, go to:


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antennaria@aol.com    "New England"               USDA Zone 5
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