Oxalis triangularis

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Fri, 23 May 2003 14:32:20 PDT
Dear Mary-Sue and Dear All

The rhizomes I sent to the BX in the past are definetely Oxalis triangularis 
and I do not grow Oxalis 'Iron Cross'
O.trinagularis is one of my best Oxalis and one of the few ones that make a 
nice indoor plant on a well lit window. Everybody who sees it wants it. 
Outdoors its purple leaves go almost black, they always contrast beautifully 
with the pink flowers.
It will also look great in the open garden as a dark purple ground cover to 
compliment or contrast other flowers. As is does not spread too vigously it 
should not become a weed, certainly not in frosty winters as the tubers 
definetely freeze here in Germany.

greetings, Uli

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