Anulocaulis gypsogenus: Propagation Question

Shawn Pollard
Fri, 23 May 2003 20:00:30 PDT
Dear all,

While driving to Guadalupe Mountains N.P. down the
back roads today, I finally found a colony of ringstem
(Anulocaulis gypsogenus), a plant I've always wanted
to see, although it's supposed to be common in its
habitat.  It is a geophytic nyctaginid, growing from a
big and deep rootstock or tuberous taproot, that is
striking and bizarre, with huge round to oval leaves
and white to pink flowers, growing in gypsum.

As the plants were in full bloom, there was no seed. 
The leaves, however, were somewhat succulent (almost
as much as a true succulent) and I carefully removed
one leaf from a number of the prettiest plants.  Does
anyone have experience in propagating such plants from
leaf "cuttings?"  As massive, firm, and succulent as
these leaves are, I imagine there must be some way to
propagate new plants from them.  I'd be willing to
ship them and share with someone who has good
experience in this area.

Shawn Pollard
Midland, TX

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