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Digby Boswell bandula@absamail.co.za
Sat, 10 May 2003 02:01:31 PDT
Hi all,

What's in flower in a bulb collection in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa ?

There is not much on the go as our Winter season has only just started with the temperatures starting to drop so only the very early species are doing something.

Veldtheimia capensis is flowering very nicely and is always attractive with it's blue/grey leaves.  Cyrtanthus o'brienii is just coming to an end along with some seedling Leucojum autumnale that are flowering for the first time.  Cyrtahthus mackenii var mackenii (white form) is also flowering  out of season.

What is in season is Lachenalia rubida with cream/speckled red flowers that turn deep pink as they age.  Lachenalia viridiflora is only just starting.( I planted a whole bed of them last year and deceided to leave them in the ground over Summer with the Summer rains and am pleasantly surprised to see that the most of them have survived to the new season.)  The species Oxalis are also just starting with 2 yellow ones, 3 white ones, a mauve and a light pink.  All these are wild collected some years ago and as such are not named.  There is also one Summer Oxalis species, white with a lime green center giving its last showing.

Cheers,  updating when something else happens,
Digby Boswell
South Africa.
Zone 9

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