Topics of the Week for May

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 01 May 2003 08:09:26 PDT
Dear All,

I have been waiting to hear back from people before announcing the topics 
of the week for May, but since today is May 1st I think I need to go ahead 
and post something. I'm just adding one that I don't have an introduction 
for to fill out the schedule and everyone can just tell us what are their 
favorite bulbs that grow in shade for the third week. Judy Glattstein has 
already given us a head start by telling us one of her favorites but 
hopefully she'll mention it again. So be thinking ahead.

Week of May 4-5--Vegetative Propagation--Diane Whitehead
Week of May 11-12--Muscari--Martin Philippo
Week of May 18-19--Favorite Bulbs for Shade
Week of May 25-26--Brodiaea--Mary Sue Ittner

Mary Sue
TOW Coordinator 

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