Nerine -TOW

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 01 May 2003 08:02:41 PDT
Dear Mark and all,

I am intrigued with this sentence in your post:

"Already I can tell that Nn. sarniensis and bowdenii survived it due to new 
growth already in evidence."

For most of us N. sarniensis hybrids have been dying back and yours are 
putting on new growth. Could this be a reaction to the cold? Do filifolia, 
undulata, and mansoniorum lose their leaves in winter for you? Mine don't. 
My N. bowdenii lose their leaves for awhile in winter and then shoot out a 
few months later but the others still have leaves. It sounds like these may 
be hardier than we expect.

Also it is very interesting to read that Angelo who also is in a 
Mediterranean climate has better luck like I do with Nerine undulata than 
with N. bowdenii. I guess if Nerine undulata and N. flexuousa are the same 
maybe what I got from Jim Robinett is not a cross.

Mary Sue 

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