Trillium chloropetalum

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 01 May 2003 07:43:07 PDT
Dear All,

I have added Ernie's images to the Trillium page. Thanks for uploading them 
Ernie. We have learned when you have a cultivar name it is best to leave 
out the punctuation as otherwise it doesn't wrap well so I have renamed the 
file (Trillium_chloropetalum_Volcano). So to look at Ernie's images please 
go to the Trillium page.…

Bill Dijk's image is of a robust gorgeous plant with dark red flowers like 
'Volcano'. Since this plant originated in New Zealand, could that be what 
he has?

Mary Sue

>Well, I uploaded a couple of images of a ho-hum selection of Trillium
>chloropetalum and T. c. 'Volcano' to compare. I really don't know how much
>the 'Volcano' varies from good forms of the species, but it is a
>particularly fine selection and receives raves from most of the garden
>visitors at this time of year.
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