Nerine -TOW

Mark Wilcox
Thu, 01 May 2003 06:21:07 PDT
Dear all,

It has been very interesting to read about the experiences that others have had
with this genus.

I have grown several kinds of Nerine in the open garden during our last few
years of mild, somewhat dry winters.  Although exposed to freezing
temperatures, Nn. sarniensis 'Eos,' filifolia, undulata, and mansoniorum all
survived to bloom in autumn each time.

Last year I added N. bowdenii 'Pink Triumph,' which bloomed well last fall.

The winter we just had was more typical, much colder and wetter.  Already I can
tell that Nn. sarniensis and bowdenii survived it due to new growth already in
evidence.  It will be interesting to see what survivors there may be of the
smaller flowering species, which I wouldn't expect to see emerge until later.

	Mark Wilcox
	Washington, DC

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