Searching for articles, as always! Any takers?

Marguerite English
Tue, 27 May 2003 00:32:06 PDT
    It's getting close to the deadline for articles for our newsletter: The 
Bulb Garden.
Please consider writing one.
     I am particularly short of what I call 'Plant Profiles'.  This is a 
short (100-250 word) article about a geophyte you particularly like to grow 
in your garden, the conditions it needs to grow well, and a description of 
the companion plants that set it off attractively, along with a short list 
of sources.
    Another article that would be lovely is how you handle closing down one 
of your beds for winter: That is, what you have planted in a group, how you 
prepare it for dormancy as fall arrives, and so on...
    If you have questions about or suggestions for the newsletter, please 
write me at:

Marguerite English,
Editor: 'The Bulb Garden'
Pacific Bulb Society

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