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Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 04 May 2003 08:00:47 PDT
Dear All,

We welcome Digby Boswell as a new user to the wiki. When you first try it 
out you may want to consult with me or Mark McDonough so we can help you 
through the steps. I am always willing to help and Mark too when he has 
time as even if it takes me a bit of time in the beginning it saves me time 
down the road having to fix things. I try to keep the FAQ for the wiki 
upgraded all the time to reflect problems people have I didn't address 
before so it is always good to read it first before you start.

I have altered Digby's file and removed the old one. The new one can now be 

or on the Veltheimia page:…

I'll be writing Digby privately to help him figure out the wiki but want to 
remind everyone that when you name your file there can be problems viewing 
it if there are spaces in the file name. I see Bill Dijk has gotten around 
that by substituting periods in his names for spaces so that also works.

Second we ask you to limit the size of your files so that they can be 
displayed on the screen without a lot of scrolling, so there is not a long 
download time, and so we are not taking advantage of ibiblio by using huge 
amounts of storage space. If really large files start appearing you'll hear 
from me or Mark asking you to upload a newer smaller file. And if we don't 
know who you are to write you privately as in a recent large Arum file we 
will just remove those files and hope they get reloaded in a smaller 
version. At least one of our members is printing wiki images and he can't 
do it if they are too big. Thanks all.

Mary Sue

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