new member introduces himself (Digby Boswell, John Bryan)

lizz hunt
Sun, 04 May 2003 07:28:12 PDT
Dear Digby and John,
I am sure you are both well aware of the minefield that is Ipheion nomenclature! The main group of ipheions, the uniflorums, are the most commonly grown and consist of on species and six or seven named and listed varieties (there may be more as yet unnamed and unlisted varieties around). These are I.u.'Album', 'Wisley Blue', 'Alberto Castillo' (possibly a new species in it's own right) 'Froyle Mill', 'Violaceum', 'Charlotte Bishop', caeruleum, 'Rolf Fiedler' (althuogh there can be little doubt that this is a different species in it's own right).
The so called yellow Ipheions, sellowianum, dialystemon, hirtellum and ostenii are all probably Nothoscordums (we shall see!) as is the white I. vittatum. Other species include the now almost extinct I. tweedianum and the more commonly grown I. recurvifolium (very often misidentified as I. sessile, which is rare in cultivation)
If you would like to be confused even more go to for full listings of Ipheion, Nothoscordum and Tristagma.
For more info. on the National Collection go to which is the collections website.

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