Tropaeolum peregrinum

Robert Hamilton
Sun, 18 May 2003 04:11:46 PDT
Hi  all,

During the  recent discussion of  Tropaeolum I  mentioned  my  error in 
  selecting the  annual  Tropaeolum peregrinum, from a  seedlist ,which  
I sowed in January which is  mid-summer for  me. I  was  concerned it  
would  not  make it  to  flowering but it  has . I  know its not a  
geophyte but  hope you  will enjoy the flowers as I  have. Our  weather 
is  still very  mild  for  late autumn so  I  even  have my  fingers  
crossed  for  seed.

It  appears  to  be  synonymous  with T canariense  -  canary yellow is 
  a good  description for the  flower colour.

The image is  at :…

Or  review the  whole  page at:…

Incidentally when  I reviewed the identity of this  plant  using  the 
Bernard Harkness Seedlist Handbook  on the NARGS site

I  had trouble  finding it , as it  was spelt Tropaeoleum.
The  few  references I  have  use Tropaeolum as is  on the  wiki.


Rob  in Tasmania

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