Crinum popping out

Wed, 21 May 2003 10:22:48 PDT

can you expand a bit on Crinum macowanii, I just received some seeds, yo!,
they are huge things, bigger than most bulbs I grow, and would like a bit of
advice.  Any advice, actually.  I take it a loose, moisture retentive mix
suites them.  How about lighting?  I've seen photos of C. macowanii in the
wild and they look pretty exposed.  How cold can they go?  First winter
better under shelter?

I hope you are taking shots of these new hybrids, I'm very curious.


Jamie V.

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> Hi all,
> I was not shocked a couple weeks ago to see scapes appearing in the tubs
> my large crinums over-wintered under the benches in the greenhouse, but
> very surprised to see a fresh spent scape on one of the Crinum
> plants growing outdoors in the ground on the east side of the greenhouse.
> I can't figure how I missed seeing that when it was in bloom.  It must
> been in the past two weeks; guess I've been busier than I though.....
> Among the crinums in containers, I have blooms on C. x-powellii roseum and
> C. x-powellii album.  There are scapes growing on CC. bulbispermum and
> macowanii so far.
> In deference to Dave Lehmiller's ("Dr. Crinum" in IBS) insistence that
> crinums grown in containers need pots at least 20 inches across, I am
> gradually moving my plants to 7.5 gallon (15-inch diameter at top, ca 25
> liters) plastic tubs.  Since these have handles, I can move them (just
> barely!) onto the front loader of my Kubota.  Most of them are in 5-gal.
> plastic nursery containers, and when they burst these they go into the 7.5
> gal. tubs.  Bigger than that I cannot go without buying a forklift!
> Regards,
> Jim Shields
> in central Indiana
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