Bulbs for Shade--TOW

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 21 May 2003 09:45:26 PDT
Dear All,

The following message came from Ann Marie with attachments which are not 
allowed on our list. One was of a Clivia miniata, one looked like Allium 
triquetrum (terrible weed here), and the third is Oxalis 'Iron Cross'. That 
one looks like what Uli sent me as Oxalis triangularis. Is it  that or 
Oxalis tetraphylla as in John Bryan's book? Can one of our Oxalis experts 
tell me? I'll try to get these pictures to the Wiki when I have time and 
send Ann Marie some instructions so she can share more of her nice pictures 
with the group.

Mary Sue

Per the Sunset Gardening book I live in zone 21, So California Los Angeles 
County.  my favorite shade/partial shade(50%) plants are also the easiest 
for me to grow, are oxalis photo, clivia, spanish blue bell, crinum photo, 
alluim (white w/ green stripe bells)wrong spelling on photo, cymbidium, 
epiphyllums(not a bulb), large calla lily, succulents, Amaryllis belladonna 
and more I can't seem to remember the names, brain fog.

From: Ann Marie <mysticgardn at yahoo.com>

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