Jane McGary
Wed, 14 May 2003 14:20:26 PDT
Ernie O'Byrne wrote,

>While we are on the subject of the "little blue bulbs", can someone tell me
>whether, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, Bellevalia pycnantha is
>dangerously invasive. We have quite a lot planted in our largish dryland
>garden among some pretty big material, but I don't really want to release a
>monster unknowingly.

The real Bellevalia pycnantha is not invasive in my garden, in conditions 
similar to Ernie's 150 miles away, but I bought some bulbs under that name 
last fall from a Dutch wholesaler, and I don't think they are that species. 
In fact, they look more like some kind of Muscari. So I would not advice 
Ernie to release his plants if they were not grown from seed from a 
reliable source (I got my seed for the verified B. pycnantha from othe 

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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