Calochortus albus var. rubellus added to Wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 26 May 2003 07:09:16 PDT
Dear Mark,

Thanks for adding the beautiful Calochortus picture to the wiki. A number 
of years ago in the Calochortus Society newsletter the question was asked 
whether the red ones continued to be this color when grown in cultivation 
away from where they were found. Some people had reported they had reverted 
to white. I don't believe there was a follow-up posting, but if so I missed 
it. I once had some this color and they either haven't bloomed recently, 
have died, or have reverted. Has anyone on this list managed to keep this 
color form going? Take good care of it Mark and give us a report on it in 
future years.

I added a picture of Calochortus amabilis (now blooming in my garden) to 
the wiki as promised. It doesn't have any of those red markings like the 
one I put on the wiki earlier seen in the wild.…

Mary Sue

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